How Do I Become A Juggalo


How Do I Become A Juggalo

Posted on November 6th, 2010

Sup Juggalos,

This sermon is designed to assist young and curious ninjas who ask the question “How do I become a Juggalo?”  I ask that people reading this sermon, read it from start to finish.  I say this because I’m sure that some of you have already begun to prejudge and believe that it is my intention to tell people who is and who is not a Juggalo.  That is not my intention. 

Sometimes when I check my facebook, myspace or even check out my email, I get messages from young ninjas who either have heard about Juggalos, hang out with Juggalos or in some cases dating a Lo or Lette.  Being curious about other people’s cultures is a natural thing, especially when you find something attractive about that culture that may not be available in your life.  Young people sometimes bounce from one culture to the next.  Typically what we learn from those experiences help to develop us spiritually and emotionally.  So the real question isn’t “How do I become a Juggalo?”, the real question is what positive experiences can a person hope to gain from Juggalos and what can one hope to find by becoming a Juggalo?

New Ninjas have to understand that the Juggalo Culture although brought together by the Universal language and tool of music, is not defined by music.  Yes, it is true that a vast majority of Juggalos can be defined as fans of the Insane Clown Posse, it is not ICP that makes us Juggalos.  Even ICP themselves state that a Juggalo doesn’t have to listen to ICP.  Music is a product of the people, we are not a product of it.  Music doesn’t make people do things, it is the Individual who makes the choice to do right or wrong.  New Ninjas must know that the foundation at which this culture exists is Family.  Without Family WE ARE NOTHING.  Without Family We are simply non-sprouted seeds blowing in the wind, with no direction or purpose.  The Fellowship Of Juggalos teaches that Family is our foundation and also teaches that Family is where you find it.  In other words, the concept of Family is not just restricted by the ties of blood lines, but are strengthened by the ties of spiritual lines.  Family isn’t just limited to your Juggalo Family, it is also extended to all people whom you trust and have love for.  It is important for Juggalos to understand that being a Juggalo doesn’t replace your blood Family, but should strengthen those bonds.  Because understanding that Family is the all important thing in your Life should allow you to appreciate your Family more.  However, not all of us come from Loving Families and so that is why Family is where you find it. 

Some of our youth want to join and become part of the “next big clique” or group.  Young people tend to morph themselves into their surroundings instead of relying on themselves and their values.  We are a culture of Individuals.  This is because each one of us is so diverse.  Diversity is to be embraced.  Each one of us bring a piece to the greater pie that is Universal Life.  It is important to note that when hanging out with a group of people that sometimes we are forced to make moral decisions as to whether something is right or wrong.  When our morality is challenge it is easy to rely upon the group mentality to base our decisions, this is why recognizing your Individuality and being able to go against the grain without fear of reprisal is what defines us.  Never be afraid to put your foot down in the face of wrong doing.  The words “everyone else was doing it” hold no meaning in the face of the Carnival.

So how does one become a Juggalo?  There is no initiation.  No lewd acts that you must commit to gain someone’s acceptance or trust.  You just need to hold dear to that which is common to all cultures.  Family, Individuality and Acceptance.  The Juggalo Creed teaches us these things, but it is not a governing creed.  It only governs the hearts of those who allow it.  Open yourself up to new explorations and open yourself up to the Carnival.  Strip away Hate.  Denounce Bigotry.  Fear Not and Want Not.  And walk down your path to Shangri La.

Rev. Last Rite
Presiding Minister, Founder
Fellowship Of Juggalos

Stay away from the darkness